INSPIRE Summer Academy I July 12th – 17th

Are you interested in innovative methods for integrating engineering thinking into your classroom? The 2007 INSPIRE Summer Academy is a week long program for 3rd and 4th grade educator teams. The educator teams must comprise a minimum of six teachers from up to 3 buildings in the same school district/corporation. The teams can be created from across disciplines (e.g. math, science, technology, and language arts). At the end of the summer academy, teachers will be able to:
· Convey a broad perspective of the nature and practice of engineering
· Communicate the difference and similarities between engineering and science thinking
· Discuss what engineers do and how they solve problems with students
· Use engineering problem-solving process such as design and model development to engage students in realistic open-ended problem solving

In addition, each participating educator will receive a $750.00 stipend and the opportunity to obtain 3 graduate credit hours. Summer Academy II participants will receive on-campus housing/food allowance.

Download the application at https://engineering.purdue. edu/INSPIRE/Programs/

Application deadline is due April 1st, 2009

For more information contact Dan Somerville,