Hey there,

My name is Chris Patrick and I'm a 3rd year PhD student in Biology at the University of Notre Dame. I study aquatic ecology and am particularly interested in issues related to biodiversity and how human impacts are changing the interface between natural systems and the ecosystem processes that society depends upon. I'd like to get involved with outreach efforts in schools in St. Joseph county. I'd be happy to talk about my own research and am also very interested in talking about the scientific method. I personally did not have a very good grasp of how the scientific method worked until graduate school, I think that the issue was my not understanding the underlying philosophy of science that structures our methodology. Through understanding the philosophy, the young reseacher can better understand why they are are following a particular methodology. I hope that by teaching this way we will decrease the frequency of student's following a cookbook approach to science.

Please contact me if your interested in having me speak to your class in 2009/2010!