Welcome to the "Here's How" screencast page.

This is a series of videos demonstrating various aspects of wiki use. Each video captures an active computer screen, with voice-over, known as "screencasts". You can make them yourself using Jing, a freely available software package that's easy to use. Try it, and post your results here for the whole community to learn from!

(If you create a short section heading for your screencast and set it as "Heading 1" from the pull-down menu above, it will be automatically added to the table of contents, which will help us as this list of screencasts grows. Most of these screencasts are hosted elsewhere and hyperlinked from this site, but one--Adding users in bulk--is embedded as an illustration. One more tip: these videos take some time to buffer, so unless you've got a very fast connection, wait a minute for the video to buffer before expecting it to play)


Here's how to create a hyperlink to an external resource.

Embedding Docs

Here's how to create the Group Discussion pages (covering embedded documents, widgets, table of contents, and using the discussion feature.)

Editing a Google Map

Here's how to edit the Google Map so that it functions as a navigation aid to the wiki.


This is a bit confusing--start with what's here, and post comments about how to make it better:) This is a screencast make with one software product (Camtasia Relay) showing how to make a screencast with another freely available product, Jing. Here's how to make the Jing screencast, and here's the Jing screencast shared.

Other Screencasts

You can find other such screencasts here .