Welcome to the wonders of Web 2.0
This page is meant to introduce you to Web 2.0. User-generated content is perhaps the focal meaning of web 2.0. Ordinary users went to the old web to get information; in web 2.0 they go to bring content themselves. Everyone is a web developer. Users configure resources served on the new web to suite their own purpose.

Web 2.0 resources

----Please be careful using or recommending web 2.0 "overview" sites...some will point toward "adult" sites. Finding education-specific overviews, like the two below, is the wisest course.

Here's a categorized list of web 2.0 tools, compiled by education majors at Purdue, each with a tutorial, each with lesson plans showing how this application might be used in educational contexts. This must be one of the best web 2.0-for-educators sites.

Directory of Educational Resources

Google Wave

is coming: what email would be if it were invented today, some say. Here's a complete guide.

Managing email

In a world where anyone can put content online and you can form a great many collaborations, it is crucial to be able to handle the flow of information. RSS feeds, readers and personal web pages are relatively newer technologies to help with information flow. But with the advent of powerful and simple search technologies, even good-old email can be used much more efficiently to process the flow of information. Here's a useful tutorial developed by HP--set in Microsoft Outlook, but covering basic skills transferable to any email/webmail context--showing how to become a lean, clean, email-processing machine.

RSS Feeds

What are they? This tutorial gives a good account.


This is an interactive whiteboard. If you wrap it with JING or some other screencasting software, you can make and embed online whiteboard presentations...